What options do I have for allowing requests and listing my title in the NetGalley catalog?

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As a NetGalley publisher, you maintain complete control over how professional readers access your book. We offer flexible options on the visibility of your titles, and no matter what you choose, you will always have reporting information on who is accessing your titles. 

You can change the options by clicking on the TITLE DETAILS page and using the menu on the left-hand side.

PRIVATE/ INVITE ONLY: You may keep your book Private, so that NetGalley members do not know it is available on the site unless you specifically invite them to view that book using the NetGalley widget, or use the book's link to collect wishes.

REQUESTS ALLOWED: This title will be available for members to request, when they are browsing Find Titles at netgalley.com. If you select this option, you will make the decision to approve or decline each member request before access is granted for that specific title. Most publishers choose this setting. 

You can also allow requests from only certain member types, for specific time periods. Just as you send out print galleys at different times (booksellers typically receive galleys months before bloggers, for example), NetGalley has similar functionality for your digital galleys which allows you to schedule request availability, by member type. Please click here for full information and best practices.   


READ NOW: This option will list your title as READ NOW in the catalog (instead of Request), and members will have instant approval for the title. This option is best for books where you wish to approve all requests automatically, without having to manually approve or decline each one. We find publishers often use this option as part of a special promotion of the title ("This title is available for one month only as READ NOW!") or for special content like samplers, excerpts, catalogs, backlist titles, etc. You can also opt to auto-approve particular members--see here for details

Members can browse READ NOW titles from the main page of Find Titles. You can always see which members have added your books to their Shelf from the All Access history page for that title.


You can also encourage requests only from certain regions or territories.

SET A REGION PREFERENCE: If you prefer to receive requests from members based in a specific geographic region, set a region preference for the title (or for all titles in your account, from your Settings page). That preference will be displayed to members when they are browsing, and will cut down on unwanted requests. You can also filter requests by "in" and "out" of region.

DON'T FORGET: You can customize the approval / decline notification! In the REQUESTS section, you will see links to edit the Approval/Decline email to let members know what you want them to do next, or explain why you're declining the request. If approved, would you like them to submit their review to you via NetGalley? Should they hold their review until the pub date? For declines, some publishers note their criteria for approving requests, so that readers can update their Profile accordingly. Please click here to see example approval/decline language


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