Where can readers get help using NetGalley?

As part of your agreement with NetGalley, we will provide reader support to any of your contacts who need help accessing a file on the site.

Please direct your contacts to our comprehensive Knowledge Base for Readers first. There is a great deal of information on this site that will help readers with common problems.

If readers need additional support, ask them to email support@netgalley.com, ask a question on our Facebook page, or contact us via Twitter. We will aim to provide help within 24 hours (and often much, much faster!), Monday through Friday.

If you are working with a key media contact or a time-sensitive request, email us at concierge@netgalley.com. Our Concierge team is comprised of former publicists who have worked in publishing, and we know firsthand how important responsiveness can be when dealing with media. We will make every effort to respond to these types of support inquiries at lightning speed.

Don't forget to use the Template Language and Examples in your own communications about NetGalley.

Please note: NetGalley does not provide phone support for readers.

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