How do I upload files to the NetGalley FTP site?

Manifests, covers, and content files will be uploaded in batch to NetGalley using FTP (file transfer protocol). FTP is a very simple and straightforward process where you copy your files directly into the appropriate directory on our servers. If you know how to ‘copy and paste’ a file from one directory to another on your PC, then you can do this. The only difference is that the directory where you are ‘pasting’ the file is on our server.

This article outlines how to upload files to for the following browsers:

  • Firefox (FileZilla and FireFTP)
  • Internet Explorer

Using FileZilla

In order to upload files to the NetGalley FTP using FileZilla, you must download FileZilla, which is free.

In the Host field, enter Enter your user name and password, and click Quickconnect.

 The left panel shows your local file structure, and the right panel shows your FTP directory.

To upload, drag files from the left panel to the _Inbox folder in the right panel.

The bottom panel shows the status of your file transfers.

Using FireFTP

In order to upload files to the NetGalley FTP using Firefox, you must download FireFTP, which is free. Once you restart Firefox, go to the Add-ons menu (click the puzzle piece). 

And then click on FireFTP>Options. 

Next, click the "Interface" tab and check the box that says "Configure FTP links in Firefox to automatically use FireFTP" and then click OK.

In the URL field at the top of your browser, type in, and then enter your username and password in the popup.

When FireFTP opens, click on Create an Account:

 Fill in the Account name and Host as


 The Login and Password are specific to your account. Once it’s filled in, press ok. (Category can remain blank.)


When you’re back at the main screen, choose “” and press Connect. You will see it connect in the right-hand pane.



Now you can drag and drop files from your computer (left panel) into the _Inbox folder on the ftp site (right panel). The bottom panel shows the status of your file transfers.


Using Internet Explorer

In order to log in to our server:

  1. Go to:
  2. A dialog box will open asking for your user name and password (your login credentials will have been sent to you as part of the account creation process). Enter your login and password and click “Log On.”
  3. Click Page > Open FTP site in Windows Explorer (in older versions of the program, click View > Open FTP site in Windows Explorer), which will prompt you to re-enter your user name and login again.
  1. You will see the following screen. Drag and drop all files directly into the _INBOX folder. IMPORTANT: Please name cover and content files with the 13-digit ISBN for that title (for example, 9781234567890), no spaces, or the file will not import into NetGalley.

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