How do I create a SECURE widget?

With a SECURE widget, you tell us which email addresses can use the widget link and only those members can login using this widget. Your files will always have the security settings (DRM) you've applied.

First, click the green widget button. You can find this button in three separate places:

It is on the publisher Dashboard (you'll see a new title here every time you login, to remind you to use the widget!):

The Manage Titles page:

and the Title Details page:

After clicking the Invite Contacts button you will be brought to a page where you can:

  • Type in individual email addresses,
  • Or upload a CSV file with a list of email addresses.

(NOTE: Add each email address on a separate line, with no semicolons or commas. This is a change to our current widget process, but should make it easier for you to add multiple email addresses.)

Once you have typed in or uploaded the email addresses, scroll down and customize the widget to your liking. There are three options to how it can look:

  • cover image only,
  • text only,
  • or text with cover image.

After pressing "Next" you will see your finished widget! To use the widget in your email follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the image and link,
  2. Press Ctrl+C/Cmd+C on keyboard
  3. Or (on a PC) Right-click and choose Copy (do not choose “Copy Image”),
  4. And then paste into your own email.
Please note: You must be logged out of your publisher account to test the widget. Need help? Email

Here is the widget pasted into an email:

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