What should I say to people I DECLINE for my titles?

It’s a good idea to edit the message that members receive when you approve or decline their requests. You can customize by title, or use a default message for all titles.  

Example Decline emails:

1. (Customized by title)

Thank you for your interest in [Title]. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot approve your request. However, there are many other ways to interact with the author!

  • [Author social media links]
  • [Publisher website]
  • [Link to a virtual event]
  • [Preorder page]
  • [etc.]
We hope you will continue to request books from [Publisher]: [Publisher Profile Link]

1. You recently requested to view a title from NetGalley. Unfortunately, the publisher has declined to allow access to the title based on the information provided in your profile. You may want to update your profile to provide more information to the publisher, which the publisher will see the next time you request a title.

For example:

  • Provide a direct link to your book review blog (general life bloggers, infrequent bloggers, and new bloggers will be declined)
  • Provide a direct link to your GoodReads, Amazon, and/or LibraryThing profile page
  • If you are a librarian, the name and address of the library you work at
  • If you are a bookseller, the name and address of the bookstore you work at
We also take other points into consideration when assessing NetGalley users for approval. These include but are not limited to your feedback to approval ratio, whether you have returned feedback for previously approved titles, and also the quality of that feedback. I have enclosed the link to the requests FAQ page on the NetGalley website for further information. 

We do not approve all requests for our titles, but if you are not approved for one title, please feel free to request another which is of interest to you. 

2. [When declining requests for an ARCHIVED title]

Thanks so much for your interest in this title. Unfortunately we didn’t get to your pending request in time, and because this title has already been published, we are no longer approving requests for e-galleys. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

[Then give them some sort of action or other landing page—so they aren’t left hanging with just a decline and you can still benefit from their interest:]

But we encourage you to still check out the book here: [link to specific title on publisher website, where they can read more/buy it]

But we hope you’ll check out some of our newer titles here: [link to publisher’s titles in NetGalley catalog]

But we’d love to keep you in the loop on our latest releases, so follow us here: [link to publisher social media, blog, website, etc]

3. [When declining requests for out of territory requests]

Thanks so much for your interest in this title. Due to territory rights [publisher] will only approve requests from [territory]. 

[You may want to give them some sort of action or other landing page—so they aren’t left hanging with just a decline and you can still benefit from their interest. You can link to the international publisher, or the author's social media or website, for example.]

But we encourage you to follow the author here: [link to author's social media or website where they can learn more.]

4. Hi Reader! You recently requested a galley from [publisher name] that we regrettably are unable to fulfill for one or more of the reasons below. Please take a look so that we can do our best to grant you access in the future.

- The most likely reason we are unable to fulfill the request is because we've hit our maximum allowance for the title in question, so you didn't do anything wrong!

- We decline some requests due to a lack of user profile information or no company association, so please include this information, and keep in mind that we are unable to view your profile on sites like Goodreads if it's set to private. (Note to bloggers: your blog URL can be your company association, and we greatly appreciate traffic stats in your profile info.)

- The ratio of "Requests Approved" to "Number of Reviews" is very important. We are only allowed to share a limited amount of egalleys, so we do our best to approve readers we think will read and review the book.  If you want to improve your ratio, please consider submitting reviews for our titles that you've been approved for in the past. Depending on your Role, reviews can be anything from a full text review, links, or just a note to let us know that you've purchased the book for your library or bookstore. 

- [Publisher name] is based in the United States and primarily approve requests from readers in the United States and Canada. 

[Publisher name] reserves the right to accept or decline requests on a case-by-case basis. 

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