How can I auto-approve a NetGalley member for all my titles?

There are a few ways you can add NetGalley members, and your important contacts, to your auto-approved list:

  1. Upload a list
  2. Choose from our validated organizations (ALA, ABA, BA, etc.)
  3. Choose members manually - once a NetGalley member has requested one of your titles, or has accessed one of your titles via a widget, you can auto-approve them for future requests. Just find the member in your Requests and check the "Auto-Approve now" box. 
Once a member is on your Auto-Approved List, any requests that member makes for your titles will be automatically approved.

Keep in mind that members are able to browse titles by publishers who have auto-approved them through a special link on the Find Titles page (once they're logged in). By auto-approving members, you put your titles front and center as your most important members are browsing.

Please note: this blanket auto-approve functionality is meant for titles that have Requests Allowed, so that the member can press the REQUEST button for any of your titles and receive them instantly. For titles you're keeping private (No Requests/Invite Only), you will need to send the person a widget in order for them to be auto-approved for that title.

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