Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Getting Your Show on the Road

Increasingly, live performance is an important tool in finding new fans and reaching out to existing readers. This can be daunting, but if you’re comfortable with talking to a few people, it can make all the difference.

Most local areas now have reading groups, library events, live literary nights, so do a quick search and find out what is going on nearby. Perhaps there are reading groups you could join where you could discuss other books, as well as your own. Are there local societies who would be interested in hearing you speak about your book? Does the subject matter of your book lend itself to discussions?

You could also engage other similar, just-starting-out authors on social media who have books out in the same month and see if you could do an event together somewhere. Hopefully they’ll have their followers who could also be interested in your work. There are also lots of literary festivals who run sessions with local writers, so do investigate – you might be surprised at what comes of it.

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