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Simple How-To Videos, Marketing Information and Examples, and Detailed Strategies for Using Tools and Reports

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How-To Videos

Creating a New Title (3:52 minutes)
   - How to create a new title record in NetGalley and upload your files.  

Availability Settings (3:30 minutes)
  How to edit availability settings in NetGalley. Options for making your title available in the NetGalley catalog include Private/Invite Only, Requests Allowed, Read Now, Wish

Using the Widget (4 minutes)
  - How to create and use the widget to invite your important contacts to download a specific title on NetGalley. View more widget best practices here.

Customizing Approval and Decline Emails (1:30 minutes)
  - How to customize the email members receive when you approve or decline requests.

Managing Requests (4 minutes)
  - How to view a list of pending requests, filter requests based on member type and region, see in-depth member information, and approve or decline requests. 
Wishes & Wish Granting (4:40 minutes)
  - Learn the difference between Requests and Wishes, and how and why to grant wishes.

Mute Individual Members (2:20 minutes)
  - How to mute requests from a specific member. Please use with discretion!

NetGalley Reporting (4:35 minutes)
  - All about NetGalley Reporting--includes Active Title Report, Detailed Activity Report, Feedback Report, Snapshot PDF, and Opinions Report!

Introducing (4:50 minutes)
-How to make titles available only to UK and EU members both on a default level and on a title by title basis, and how to manage requests by region. Learn about targeted UK marketing.

Marketing Information and Examples


NetGalley Goal-Oriented Strategies and Examples (1 hour)
- covers community size and site activity, common goals and strategies, and ways to use NetGalley's tools and reports designed to help you to make the most of this data-driven service. Plus, examples of our highly prized marketing programs, from featured placement on the website, to email newsletters and dedicated eblasts. *time stamps at bottom of this page

Case Studies, panel recorded at Tech Forum, 2017 (45 minutes)
- pre-publication marketing and publicity case studies from Harlequin Teen, Dundurn Press, James Lorimer & Company, and DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency. These case studies include (but are not limited to) how to incorporate NetGalley’s tools into wider campaigns. 

Case Study (1 hour)
- a case study on the book launch for Mission: Jimmy Steward and the Fight for Europe by Robert Matzen. Sarah Miniaci at Smith Publicity reviews the marketing and publicity strategies that can help increase discoverability, word-of-mouth, and reviews. Any publicist or author can implement the tactics covered in this case study, which include (but are not limited to) how to incorporate NetGalley’s tools into wider campaigns. 

The Life Cycle of a Book (30 minutes)
using NetGalley at various stages of a title’s publication schedule, from first pass through post-publication.

Wish Granting  (30 minutes)
- how (and when) NetGalley members can Wish for your books, how you can Grant Wishes similar to a giveaway, and how best to take advantage of Wishing in your own campaigns or marketing through NetGalley.

Putting NetGalley to Work at Conferences and Events  (30 minutes)
engaging your audience using NetGalley at events you are attending.

Managing Requests  (30 minutes)
- navigating your Manage Requests page.

Make the most of all types of interest  (30 minutes)
- use custom approval and decline emails to engage with members, whether you are likely to approve or not.

All About Data  (30 minutes)
- review all of the data and reports that are in your NetGalley account, and how you can use that information strategically.

Widget Best Practices  (30 minutes)
 -  learn about the kinds of widgets available, how to create one, and what a reader sees when they click one; plus, how you can use the widget in your daily marketing and publicity outreach, as well as in specific NetGalley campaigns. The NetGalley widget is one of the most powerful tools available on the site.  

The Author's Path (1 hour)
          - NetGalley's own Stuart Evers and Myfanwy Collins share some real-life experiences that will enlighten and inspire. Perfect for debut and independent authors, The Author's Path           video will present a behind-the-scenes look at everything from options once your book is finished, to marketing and PR advice.

NetGalley for University Presses  (1 hour)
specific strategies addressing University Press needs.

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*Time stamps for Goal-Oriented Strategies video:

  • 0:00 - 4:08 - Community demographics and site activity
  • 4:08 - 8:55 - How the site works, broadly, for members and publishers
  • 8:55 - 10:30 - Example goals
  • 10:30 - 17:50 - The NetGalley widget
  • 17:50 - 38:36 - Selected strategies and tools
    1. Give earliest access to media and other important contacts (17:50)
      • View history and Detailed Activity Report, curating your auto-approved list
    2. Reach new audiences (25:40)
      • Availability settings and managing requests, wish granting, marketing opportunities
    3. Involve your whole team (36:37)
      • Ways to ensure everyone knows about your titles' activity
  • 38:38 - end - Additional reporting

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