How does NetGalley use my ONIX feed?

None of the titles in your ONIX feed will be added to NetGalley until you “trigger” them to be added, using a manifest file or the "Create New" button on the Manage Titles page.  This triggering action is required because we actually have two databases, one that is associated with the NetGalley website and another separate database used for storing ONIX only. 

When we receive your ONIX file, it will only be added to the database we used to store ONIX. Each ONIX record is stored exactly as is and does not appear on our website. The ONIX records are also refreshed in their entirety when we receive updates. 

When we receive a manifest file or you add an ISBN on the Create New page, our system checks the ONIX database.  If you have submitted an ONIX record for that ISBN, our system will then find that ONIX record and use it to create a title record in NetGalley. This step is required before the title will appear on NetGalley.

Keeping these two databases separate allows us to receive a standard feed containing a publisher’s full catalog. In our experience, this makes it easier to get the feeds set up and updated on an ongoing basis.

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