How do I clear the cache in my browser?

Clearing your cache and refreshing your page will resolve many issues. If you feel that some information is missing, or you're not yet seeing a cover image you uploaded to the _INBOX and know it should have already been processed please follow these steps to clear your cache.

Firefox: Go to your main menu, the click on History.  In the History, submenu click on Clear All History.  The click the checkbox next to Cache, the time range Everything, and click the Clear Now button.

Internet Explorer: Open the settings menu (by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner), select the Safety submenu, and the option Delete Browsing History.  Make sure the checkbox next to Temporary Internet Files is checked.  You’ll probably want to uncheck other checkboxes to preserve information you want to keep, such as favorites, cookies, and history.  Then click Delete.

Chrome: Go to the main menu and select History.  Towards the top of the History page, there will be a button that is labeled Clear all browsing data – click it.  Make sure the checkbox next to Empty the cache is checked and other checkboxes are not checked.  Make sure the time range checked is “the beginning of time”.  Then click on the button labeled Clear browsing data.

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