What is ftp.netgalley.com for?

Our FTP site at ftp.netgalley.com allows publishers to easily transfer files into our import system to create title records in NetGalley. FTP is a standard file transfer protocol and is used extensively throughout the industry by retailers and trading partners. NetGalley also has an SFTP site available, which provides a more secure way to transfer files. Here is more information about SFTP.

All NetGalley subscription clients will receive a separate login and password to ftp.netgalley.com as part of your account set-up process. If you have multiple imprint accounts, your company may have one central FTP login for simplicity.

On ftp.netgalley.com, you will add: 

  • Content files (epub or PDF)
  • Cover images
  • A manifest file, if you choose (you can also create title records directly in NetGalley, although the manifest process is easiest when creating many title records at once).

If you are using ONIX, your ONIX administrator will also deliver your ONIX feed to ftp.netgalley.com.

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