What information can I see in the Active Title summary report?

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The Active Title report is an Excel-based report that shows activity information for all titles that are not archived. You can access this report at any time from your Dashboard, by pressing the Active Title Report button, which is under YOUR TITLES.

 The following information will be displayed in the report.

  • Book ID: This is an internal NetGalley identifier.
  • ISBN, Title, Authors, Pub Date, Archive Date: All pulled directly from the NetGalley title record.
  • Impressions: This is a straight count of how many people have viewed the Title Details page, either from the catalog, or from their Shelf or Dashboard, and provides a useful indicator of interest in the title. You can also view Impressions for a title on the “See Feedback” page.
  • Total Activity: A total sum of requests from the catalog, plus widget invites, READ NOW access, and access by members who are auto-approved for your titles
  • Approved, Declined  and Pending Requests: Displays the number of requests still needing attention (pending), or that have already been approved or declined.
  • Widget Invites: Number of members who have viewed this title as a result of being invited to do so via widget.
  • Auto-approved members: The number of auto-approved members who have accessed the title.
  • READ NOW titles: For titles that are set to READ NOW in the catalog (all requests automatically approved), the number of members who have accessed the title.
  • Total Kindle: Number of "clicks-to-read" on the Kindle button for all approved members. 
  • Total Downloads: Number of "clicks-to-read" on the Download Galley button for all approved members. This will include temporary DRM-protected downloads (Adobe), permanent DRM-protected downloads (Adobe), and Open (no DRM) downloads, depending on what options you’ve selected for this title. Downloads are for all devices except for Kindle.
  • Feedback: The number of times members have shared Feedback about the title via NetGalley.

A note about Excel:
If you are running Windows 7 and open this report in Excel 2010 (or later versions), you may see an error message at the top of this report: “Office has detected a problem with file.  Editing it may harm your computer.  Click for more details.” This error appears because this spreadsheet was not created with Excel 2010 and is not an indication of a problem.  We are investigating ways to prevent this message.  

For now, we recommend clicking on the message and selecting the option to “Edit Anyway”.    

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