Can I upload a list of people to auto-approve?

Yes! You can upload a .csv file that includes email addresses in order to add them to your auto-approve list. 

First press your little silhouette at the top right to go to Your Account Settings page. On the bottom of the left-hand menu, you'll see an Auto-Approved Members section.

After you hit the ADD button, then: If an email address on that list is associated with a member that has already accessed one of your titles, the member will be added to your auto-approval list. (Note: This initial checking process takes some time, approximately 45 minutes.) You will see this screen:

For email addresses associated with a member that has never requested a title or gotten access to one of your titles, then the email address will be added to a Pending auto-approval list. (The person must be a NetGalley member and have some interaction with you before they can be auto-approved, due to the privacy policy.) The pending auto-approval list is visible from the Auto-Approved List page, by selecting the Pending tab, and you can download this list, making it easy to email your contacts and send them a widget prompting them to log in. Here's some template language!

Members on that Pending list will be added to your Auto-Approved List after they have requested one of your books, or after they click on a widget link that you provide them.

The easiest way to ensure that those "Pending" auto-approvals make it onto your list is to send a widget for a particular title and say something like: “You’re pre-approved for this title, and after you click on this widget link, you will be auto-approved for ALL our titles in future.” 

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