What information can I see in the Detailed Activity report for a particular title?

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The Detailed Activity Report is an Excel-based report that shows activity information for a book. You can access this report at any time from the Manage Requests page or Members with Access page, by clicking Download Detailed Activity. (Here's a hint: to access this page directly from any TITLE DETAILS page, scroll down to the REQUESTS section on the lefthand side and click "View" next to Approval History).

The report includes information about the title's activity, including when an individual member requested the title, the approval/decline date, how the member gained access (whether by widget invite, because they are one of your auto-approved members, because they were granted a wish, or because you approved their specific request), information about how the member accessed your content files, and whether they submitted feedback via NetGalley.

Note: Member email addresses are only displayed for members who have made them visible to publishers. 

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