What types of feedback can members provide about my title(s)?

NetGalley members can provide different types of Feedback about the titles they've read on the site. This information is not published on the NetGalley site, but is shared with you via email and within your account.

Members can provide Opinions and Reviews:

  • Opinions:
    • Star ratings. How strongly would the member recommend this title?
    • Member-specific questions. Each member type (bookseller, librarian, reviewer, educator, media) has the opportunity to provide yes/no answers to a few key questions about the title.
      • For librarians, this might be whether or not they plan to promote this title in their library or nominate a title for LibraryReads; for booksellers, it might be whether they'd recommend this book for the Indie Next list.
      • Reason for Request. Members can indicate what appeals to them most about the book (cover, author, description, or word-of-mouth), as they submit their Request.
      • Notes about the title. Different than reviews, notes provide insight about how the member reacted to the title, their plans to promote the title, etc.
  • Reviews:
    • A full review of the title.
    • A link to their review online.

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