How can I set default region preferences for my account?

Within your account, you can set default region preferences, which will be applied to all new titles when they are created. This preference will be displayed to readers when the title is available for request, and will indicate that you prefer to receive requests only from readers located in the selected regions.

To do so, click your Publisher Name at the top of the account (next to the silhouette icon). In the side-bar at the left, look for "Defaults for New Titles" and click the orange arrow next to "Region"

Select your preferred regions. If you prefer to receive requests from members throughout the world (no preference), please leave all the boxes blank.

Members browsing FIND TITLES will see your preferences displayed next to the Request button on the title record, like this:

You can change the preferred region settings for an individual title from the Title Details page, for any title.

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