Can I link to a NetGalley title in my marketing promotions or emails?

Yes! Please use the blue “Copy Link” button on your title details page to provide readers with a link to the title.

Or, for a private title, you can copy and paste the url that appears in the Manage Availability page, under the Private / Not Available in 'Find Titles' section.

Note: Long-standing users of the site may have copied and pasted the URL directly from their publisher account to provide a link to readers. A recent security update means it’s no longer possible to provide readers with a link in this way. Previous links will continue to direct to the title but, going forward, if you copy the link in this way from your publisher page, instead of using the "Copy Link" button, readers will be directed to the homepage.

You can also use the widget to pre-approve your most important contacts for a specific title.

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