Can I add an excerpt to my title record?

Yes! We currently accept excerpts in two ways: 

1. Preview-a-Book, our sister company, is a free service for publishers which creates, aggregates and distributes first chapter excerpts to industry partners including NetGalley,, Baker & Taylor TitleSource, EBSCO/host, ArcaMax, Cokesbury and libraries subscribing to OCLC FirstSearch/WorldCat. When publishers opt-in to Preview-a-Book, excerpts are created, automatically delivered to NetGalley and added to book records. 

To participate, just click the “Add Shareable Excerpt” checkbox when you are creating your title. Learn more about Preview a Book at

Please note: Preview-a-Book supports the following file types and languages:

- English language titles: Both EPUBs and PDFs are accepted
- French, Spanish, and German language titles: Only EPUBs are accepted.
- Non-latin character based languages (Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc): Not accepted at this time.

So: we can take EPUB files in any language, but PDFs are only English for now

2. NetGalley also accepts excerpts delivered within the publisher's ONIX feed. 

When members view excerpts, they can share the excerpt with their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn communities. 

Please note, Preview-a-Book does not currently support image-heavy books. Graphic novels, picture books, and other graphically-designed titles will not be excerpted.

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