If we are using Firebrand's Eloquence or Content Services, is the process any different for adding titles to NetGalley?

Both NetGalley and Eloquence, a metadata distribution service, are part of Firebrand Technologies. Firebrand Technologies also has a Content Services solution for distribution of content files and metadata. If you (or your distributor) currently use the Eloquence service or Content Services for ONIX distribution, then we already have access to your metadata. Simply send us an email at concierge@netgalley.com letting us know that you’d like Eloquence/Content Services to release data to NetGalley, and your set-up will be complete.

To create an individual title record, you can use the Create New button on the Manage Titles page, or to add many titles at once, use the manifest process for activating titles. Read more about manifests. Both methods will pull title information into NetGalley from Eloquence/Content Services.

Eloquence is the industry standard for ONIX distribution in the United States. For more information about the service, visit http://www.firebrandtech.com/solutions/eloquence.php. For more information about Content Services, visit http://www.firebrandtech.com/solutions/.

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