Are there any file size limitations or other restrictions on files uploaded into NetGalley?

Yes - it's important to ensure that files are under their required maximum.

In order to allow the Kindle download option, your files must be no larger than as follows:

24MB for PDF
24MB for MOBI

16MB for EPUB (we convert to MOBI from EPUB and this adds data)

For downloads to all other devices or apps, our files must be no larger than as follows:

NetGalley's official file size maximum is 40MB, but we can successfully create Adobe-DRM versions of the files that are twice that size (~80MB). Beyond 80MB or so, the conversion process fails.

Our Enthrill Social DRM server is able to successfully watermark files up to 150 MB. Of course, downloads for the large files are generally much slower than the typical NetGalley downloads

The official file size maximum is capped much lower because we've found that larger files often result in a lower quality experience for our members. Larger files are less likely to be well-supported by all reading devices, and are more likely to cause those devices to freeze. Our goal is always to provide a consistently positive reading experience for our members. As the average capacity of reading devices increases and they improve overall though, we are happy to re-evaluate this file size maximum.  

If you have files that are in the 40-80MB range, we recommend that you try uploading a few and then letting us know that they are there. Currently, it is possible to upload files that are above 40MB via the ftp process. We just strongly discourage it. We always recommend that you preview your files, especially for files larger than 40MB. If the reading experience is acceptable and you keep them up on NetGalley, we might also recommend that you include add a brief note on the Title Details page about the large file size.

For information on how to reduce the size of your files, please refer to the instructions in this section, or email us at with specific questions.

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