How do I upload content files?

Publishers and authors who pay per title should email title details and files to per your confirmation and "Next Steps" message. Larger publishers, please read on!

There are two ways to upload content to NetGalley:

  1. Upload directly within your account. You will see the files in your account instantly.
  2. Upload via FTP. This is best if you want to upload multiple titles in a batch. Here are specific instructions for this process:

FTP File Upload:

Files are uploaded into the _INBOX folder at using your FTP login and password (this is not linked to your login and password at All covers, metadata, and content files should be placed inside the _INBOX folder, or they will not import. 

Files must be named with the 13-digit ISBN, no dashes, no letters, to exactly match the primary ISBN of the NetGalley title record (9781111111111.pdf). Files that are named correctly will automatically import into the associated NetGalley title record.

Here are instructions for how to add files to the FTP _Inbox.

Please refer to our _INBOX processing schedule. If you add an asset to the INBOX at, and do not see it appear in your NetGalley account by the end of the business day, it's a good idea to check in with our Concierge team at to see if there is a problem.

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