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  1. Are members required to submit reviews or feedback?

  2. Are NetGalley members notified when I approve or decline their request?

  3. Are publishers adding digital-only titles onto NetGalley?

  4. Are the files on NetGalley secure?

  5. Are there any file size limitations or other restrictions on files uploaded into NetGalley?

  6. Are there any restrictions on the types or size of media files I can include in the Press Kit section?

  7. Can I add a content file directly into NetGalley?

  8. Can I add an author photo to my NetGalley title record?

  9. Can I add an excerpt to my title record?

  10. Can I add an illustrated or image-heavy title to NetGalley?

  11. Can I add content files before the title records are created?

  12. Can I add cover images before the title records are created?

  13. Can I add cover images directly into NetGalley?

  14. Can I allow requests from one member type, but not all?

  15. Can I approve or decline requests in bulk?

  16. Can I auto-approve members of validated organizations?

  17. Can I auto-decline or mute a member's requests?

  18. Can I automatically archive my titles on the publication date?

  19. Can I change the region preferences for a single title?

  20. Can I contact a NetGalley member directly?

  21. Can I create an InDesign preset to easily generate a PDF for NetGalley?

  22. Can I export my auto-approved members list?

  23. Can I grant wishes by member type?

  24. Can I link to a NetGalley title in my marketing promotions or emails?

  25. Can I replace content files?

  26. Can I replace/update cover images?

  27. Can I schedule an archive date in advance?

  28. Can I search for a member on my auto-approved list?

  29. Can I set a custom email address to receive feedback alerts?

  30. Can I set a custom email address to receive request alerts?

  31. Can I set or change the reading options for a title in NetGalley?

  32. Can I set up a title without making it public on the site?

  33. Can I still use a PDF for the Kindle option if I don't have an epub available?

  34. Can I upload a list of people to auto-approve?

  35. Can I upload an updated file?

  36. Can I view requests ONLY from librarians? Or booksellers, etc?

  37. Can multiple people from my company sign into our account?

  38. Can you give me some examples of how the widget is being used by other publishers?

  39. Can you provide some File Optimization Suggestions?

  40. Do granted wishes count toward a member's Feedback-to-Approval ratio?

  41. Do I need to include the subtitle in my manifest file?

  42. Do you accept ePub 3 files?

  43. Do you use KindleGen for conversion of epub to .mobi?

  44. Does my NetGalley FTP login match my NetGalley account login?

  45. Does my title have to be available for request to send a widget?

  46. Does NetGalley have an SFTP site available?

  47. Does NetGalley offer print galleys?

  48. Does NetGalley provide phone support?

  49. Does NetGalley support .mobi files for Kindle?

  50. How are titles displayed in Recently Added?

  51. How can authors get involved in the NetGalley process?

  52. How can I add an excerpt to my title record?

  53. How can I auto-approve a NetGalley member for all my titles?

  54. How can I encourage members to review my title?

  55. How can I explain the widget to readers I am inviting to view a title?

  56. How can I feature member reviews on my title details page?

  57. How can I flag an inappropriate review?

  58. How can I get special characters to display correctly?

  59. How can I include blurbs, advance or pre-pub reviews with my galley?

  60. How can I make my books available to UK members?

  61. How can I optimize my ePub file?

  62. How can I preview my file download?

  63. How can I promote my title to NetGalley members?

  64. How can I reduce the size of my PDF?

  65. How can I run a "wishing" campaign for my title?

  66. How can I see how many members have downloaded my title?

  67. How can I see how many requests I have approved or declined?

  68. How can I see how many titles are in my account?

  69. How can I see if an individual member has viewed my content?

  70. How can I see which requests I have approved/declined?

  71. How can I set default region preferences for my account?

  72. How can I tell if my pdf/epub has imported?

  73. How can I upload a CSV file for a secure widget?

  74. How can I use my list of Auto-Approved Members?

  75. How can I use quotes from reviews I receive via NetGalley?

  76. How can I view activity history for a title with no pending requests?

  77. How can I view requests by geographic region?

  78. How do I clear the cache in my browser?

  79. How do I connect my ONIX feed to NetGalley?

  80. How do I contact a NetGalley member directly?

  81. How do I create a new title record in NetGalley?

  82. How do I create a SECURE widget?

  83. How do I create an OPEN widget?

  84. How do I customize my CUSTOM Approval and Decline messages by title?

  85. How do I customize my DEFAULT Approval and Decline messages?

  86. How do I find all requests for a specific title?

  87. How do I grant wishes?

  88. How do I include more than one author for my title?

  89. How do I know if someone has opened the widget I sent?

  90. How do I let members know about my approval preferences?

  91. How do I move up to the next subscription level so I can add more titles?

  92. How do I name my manifest file?

  93. How do I restore a title that is archived?

  94. How do I see feedback that has been sent to me via NetGalley?

  95. How do I submit to School Library Journal (SLJ) via NetGalley?

  96. How do I upload content files?

  97. How do I upload covers?

  98. How do I upload files to the NetGalley FTP site?

  99. How does NetGalley ensure members are professional readers?

  100. How does NetGalley use my ONIX feed?

  101. How long will it take to get my account up and running?

  102. How often is the _INBOX at processed?

  103. How often will ONIX information be updated?

  104. How will the titles represented by a media agency be listed on the site?

  105. I added files to my _INBOX folder, and they've disappeared! What happened?

  106. I did a LibraryThing giveaway for my title. What should I include in my email to winners?

  107. I forgot my login and/or password. What do I do?

  108. I got an error message that my file isn't ready, or there may be a problem. What happened?

  109. I need to upload a new manifest. Do I need to delete the last one I uploaded?

  110. I sent a secure widget, but the recipients are getting an error that says they're not approved. Why?

  111. I use a MAC. How do I access the ftp to submit my files?

  112. I use the manifest/ONIX method to set up titles, but need to set up a title that's not yet in my ONIX feed. What do I do?

  113. I want to add titles! Where do I start?

  114. I'm an independent publicist and I have clients who use NetGalley. What do I need to do?

  115. I'm checking in with members who were approved. What should I include in my email?

  116. I'm directing people to request the title from the NetGalley catalog. What should I tell them?

  117. I'm inviting contacts to join my Auto-Approved List. What information should I include?

  118. I'm searching for a title but no results are found. What's going on?

  119. I'm sending a WIDGET. What information should I include in my email?

  120. If I upload an epub file, how quickly will the mobi conversion happen?

  121. If the information in my ONIX records changes, will the information in the NetGalley title record change accordingly?

  122. If we are providing an ONIX feed, what is the basic process?

  123. If we are using Firebrand's Eloquence or Content Services, is the process any different for adding titles to NetGalley?

  124. If we include covers in our ONIX feed, will you be able to use them?

  125. Is it possible to create a category that is not on your list?

  126. Managing your book's availability - Private, Read Now, and Requests Allowed

  127. My contract with NetGalley is for a single title. How do I get my title set up?

  128. My file is taking a very long time to upload into the _INBOX. Will it take a long time for readers to open the file as well?

  129. My file is too large for Kindle. What can I do?

  130. NetGalley Events and Webinars

  131. Once a title record is created, or a PDF/ePub is uploaded, is the title public immediately?

  132. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Build Your Social Media Presence

  133. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Continue All Activities after Publication

  134. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Ensure your book is ready for publication

  135. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Getting Your Show on the Road

  136. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Know Your Book

  137. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Selling your book to bookstores and other outlets

  138. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Sending Out Review Copies

  139. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: SEO and Discoverability

  140. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Top tips for choosing a marketing service – dos and don’t

  141. Pre-Publication Hints and Tips: Writing Outside Your Book

  142. Sample manifest file for download

  143. Should I add links to my Title Details page?

  144. Should I create my title record before I have the PDF or epub ready?

  145. Tell me about the "File Import Notices" field in my contact details.

  146. Tell me about the manifest process. How does it work?

  147. Tell me about the Press Kit section.

  148. Tell me about the reporting in NetGalley.

  149. Tell me how to create a manifest file.

  150. Tell me how to set default Reading Options for new titles added to NetGalley.

  151. Tell me more about Featured Titles.

  152. Tell me more about member "Wishes."

  153. Tell me more about NetGalley Newsletters.

  154. Tell me more about Sponsored Editions of On Our Radar.

  155. Tell me more about the Category Spotlights.

  156. Tell me more about the Dedicated, Custom eBlasts.

  157. Tell me more about the Digital White Box program.

  158. Tell me more about the expiring Adobe security (DRM) option on NetGalley.

  159. Tell me more about the Kindle reading option on NetGalley.

  160. Tell me more about the Open (DRM-free) option.

  161. Tell me more about the Protected Galley, Permanent download option for Adobe.

  162. Tell me more about the Social DRM Download option.

  163. Tell me more about UK Marketing.

  164. Two important tips for managing your NetGalley title creation workflow!

  165. Video Library

  166. We don't have an ONIX feed. Is this a requirement or an option?

  167. We just joined NetGalley with a subscription contract. What do we need to do to get started?

  168. What are best practices for scheduling requests by member type?

  169. What are my options for using the widget?

  170. What are the most important tools in NetGalley?

  171. What are the stats on the Title Feedback Activity page?

  172. What browser should I use?

  173. What browsers does NetGalley support?

  174. What can I see in a member's Profile?

  175. What default reading options do you recommend?

  176. What devices can be used to read digital galleys?

  177. What do NetGalley reader badges mean?

  178. What do the colored circles on the Manage Request page denote?

  179. What does a member see when their wish is granted?

  180. What does a member see when they are auto-approved?

  181. What does it mean when a member "wishes" for a book?

  182. What does it mean when I see an ALA, ABA, BA or ALIA logo next to a member's name?

  183. What does the gold V badge mean next to a member's name?

  184. What does the reader see when they receive a widget?

  185. What does the reader see when they receive a widget?

  186. What file types are accepted by NetGalley?

  187. What happens if I want to change a declined request to approved?

  188. What happens to my pending requests when a title gets archived?

  189. What happens when I archive a title?

  190. What happens when I change my approve or decline email?

  191. What if I have a title in my manifest and that ISBN is already in NetGalley?

  192. What if I have a title in my manifest and there’s no corresponding ONIX record?

  193. What if I need to cancel my promotion?

  194. What if I previously had Kindle disabled, but now wish to use the mobi conversion tool?

  195. What information can I find in a member's profile?

  196. What information can I find in the NetGalley Import Report emails?

  197. What information can I see about the member making a request?

  198. What information can I see in the Active Title summary report?

  199. What information can I see in the Detailed Activity report for a particular title?

  200. What information can I see in the Feedback Report?

  201. What information can I see in the Opinions report?

  202. What information can I see in the Snapshot PDF report?

  203. What information is included in my publisher profile in Browse Publishers?

  204. What information is required for a NetGalley title record?

  205. What is a "widget"?

  206. What is a NetGalley widget?

  207. What is for?

  208. What is ONIX?

  209. What is the "Detailed Activity Report"?

  210. What is the "Found helpful" count below each review?

  211. What is the difference between an "open" and "secure" widget?

  212. What is the difference between the NetGalley Basics and NetGalley Extras section?

  213. What is the Marketing Plan section?

  214. What is the Notes section for?

  215. What language should I include in trade ads linking to my title in NetGalley?

  216. What marketing program will best fit my needs?

  217. What marketing programs do you offer to connect with NetGalley members?

  218. What options do I have for allowing requests and listing my title in the NetGalley catalog?

  219. What questions can members answer about each title?

  220. What reading devices does NetGalley support?

  221. What should I add to my book's Marketing Information section?

  222. What should I do if I suspect a member is providing false information in their Profile?

  223. What should I say to people I APPROVE for my titles?

  224. What should I say to people I DECLINE for my titles?

  225. What size cover images will you accept?

  226. What types of feedback can members provide about my title(s)?

  227. What version of ONIX will you accept? Will it work for publishers in Australia, Canada, the UK and US?

  228. When do I need to get you materials?

  229. When I create new titles, should I email the NetGalley Concierge Team?

  230. When I test my widget I get an error.

  231. Where can I get more information about eBook files?

  232. Where can I see how many wishes a title has?

  233. Where can I see reporting about wishes I've granted?

  234. Where can readers get help using NetGalley?

  235. Which is better, PDF or ePub? What if I don't have an ePub file?

  236. Which ISBN should I use?

  237. Which marketing programs are available for per-title clients?

  238. Why can I add only two categories?

  239. Why can't I add my title to the catalog?

  240. Why can't I make my title available for requests?

  241. Why didn’t my files import from FTP?

  242. Why does NetGalley automatically decline requests for archived titles more than 30 days old?

  243. Why doesn't my file work with the Galley Download option?

  244. Why doesn't my file work with the Kindle option?

  245. Why is the archive date important?

  246. Why is there a charge for permanent downloads?

  247. Why is there a discrepancy between Requests Approved and Feedback Provided?

  248. Why might the "Clicked to Read" count be higher than one?

  249. Will NetGalley help me optimize my file?

  250. Will NetGalley help me promote my title(s) via social media?

  251. Will you pull covers from ONIX?

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