Managing Requests

  1. What options do I have for allowing requests and listing my title in the NetGalley catalog?

  2. Can I allow requests from one member type, but not all?

  3. What are best practices for scheduling requests by member type?

  4. Why can't I make my title available for requests?

  5. Can I set a custom email address to receive request alerts?

  6. How do I find all requests for a specific title?

  7. What information can I see about the member making a request?

  8. What can I see in a member's Profile?

  9. What do NetGalley reader badges mean?

  10. Why is there a discrepancy between Requests Approved and Feedback Provided?

  11. Are NetGalley members notified when I approve or decline their request?

  12. How do I customize my CUSTOM Approval and Decline messages by title?

  13. How do I customize my DEFAULT Approval and Decline messages?

  14. How can I see which requests I have approved/declined?

  15. Can I view requests ONLY from librarians? Or booksellers, etc?

  16. What is the "Detailed Activity Report"?

  17. How can I view activity history for a title with no pending requests?

  18. How do I contact a NetGalley member directly?

  19. What do the colored circles on the Manage Request page denote?

  20. How can I view requests by geographic region?

  21. How does NetGalley ensure members are professional readers?

  22. What does it mean when I see an ALA, ABA, BA or ALIA logo next to a member's name?

  23. What does the gold V badge mean next to a member's name?

  24. What happens if I want to change a declined request to approved?

  25. What does it mean when a member "wishes" for a book?

  26. Why does NetGalley automatically decline requests for archived titles more than 30 days old?

  27. Can I auto-decline or mute a member's requests?

  28. How do I let members know about my approval preferences?

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